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The Carnegie Men’s Glee Club performed the Music Hall’s inaugural concert on May 10, 1901. Today, community performance groups and regional artists grace our stage throughout each year.

ACFL&MH is proud to produce Listen Locally, an annual concert series that features local and regional musicians across a variety of genres. Listen Locally aims to connect local and regional artists with our local and regional audiences.

In keeping true to the Hall’s design, acoustic or ‘lightly plugged’ performances sound best. Comfortable, renovated orchestra level seating offers plenty of leg room. The 400-seat house lends a sense of intimacy and the 30’ proscenium, a sense of grandeur.                       

Listen Locally and Listen Locally Downstairs are supported by RAD, The Opportunity Fund and PNC McKinney Charitable Trust.

Shuttle service is available for most Music Hall performances, see event description for details. See parking map.

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