Staff and Board


Marlee Gallagher, Executive Director (x8)
Heidi Matthews, Music Hall Director (x6)*
Walker Evans, Library Director (x12)
Jon-Erik Gilot, Espy Post Curator (x19)
Nate Wyrick, Assistant Library Director/Facility Manager (x5)
Katie Byerly, Public Services Manager (x16)
Sam Varela, Children’s Librarian (x11)
Alice McWreath, Circulation Clerk
Ronda Snow, Circulation Clerk
Ana Giampa, Circulation Clerk
Denise Edeburn, Finance
Mike Byerly, Maintenance

*Ms. Matthews serves as the ACFL&MH’s Accessibility Coordinator.
Please contact her with any questions.

Board of Trustees
Joan Massella, President
Vashistha Bhaskar, Vice President
Michael Hatcher, Treasurer
Rachel Enck, Secretary
Rema Abdin
Don Alexander
Christopher Green
Michael Hatcher
Alex Popichak

Ex Officio Members
Phil Boyd
Tom DiPietro
Richard D’Loss

Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall Board of Trustees Meeting Schedule

All meetings take place at 7:00 p.m., on the last Wednesday of the month, unless otherwise agreed upon, in the Mezzanine.