Annual Benefits – Thank You

Day in and day out the Carnegie Carnegie is a magical place. But one night a year, we pull out all the stops and down right sparkle!

Our annual benefits raise critically needed funding to restore and revitalize the Library & Music Hall.   Just as importantly, they feature an outstanding performance, attracting a regional audience to our acoustically superb Music Hall.  We follow these performances with an elegant reception throughout the ACFL&MH’s beautiful historic landmark facility. Fundraisers become friend-makers.

So many enchanted evenings to remember!

Upcoming Event: Joe Negri’s Mass of Hope, October 7, 2017
Past Event: To Carnegie With Love, October 1, 2016
Past Event: Menard Presents: Carnegies in Concert, October 2, 2015
Past Event: Marianne Cornetti, November 20, 2005
Past Event: Lynn Rossetto Kasper, October 20, 2004