Completing the Carnegie Carnegie

In late 2003, the Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall launched a capital campaign to restore its 35,000 sq. ft. historic landmark facility. It is now more than $12 million later.  Library & Music Hall services and programs draw regional, national and international audiences.  Our facility is beautiful, vibrant and beloved.

We have great news!  At the end of 2020, the ACFL&MH was awarded a very generous $1.25 million state grant for “Completing the Carnegie Carnegie.”

120th Anniversary
 Watch our 120th Anniversary Video. 

Look how far we’ve come!

Library park and Bulldozer

Library Park converts our steep grounds from a barrier to an inviting green space that connects the Library & Music Hall to Main Street below. The Park helps position Carnegie as one of the region’s more attractive destination communities.

Unfinished Mezzanine and Studio EntranceOur once waterlogged gym is now the Studio. A new entrance, lighting and acoustic treatments have transformed the old gym into a versatile event and performance space with a club vibe. The Studio is popular for programs, intimate performances, reunions, and weddings!

What’s left to do?

  A partial floor between the Library and Studio levels, and the only unimproved space in the building, the Mezzanine will become small meeting rooms. Some programs work better in an intimate setting or deserve privacy.  These include: tutoring; tax help; teen and senior activities; supervised visits, testing and cooking classes.

Music Hall Plaster Paint and BeautyAlready renowned for its superb acoustics and historic ambiance, the Music Hall is poised to become one of the region’s finest performance venues. Upgrades include replacing knob and tube wiring; a new stage floor and house lighting; aligning the Hall with professional audio-visual standards; restoring and painting water-ravaged plaster. Air conditioning will delight audiences and performers alike!

We’re not there yet.  Our state grant requires a dollar for dollar match to release it.

Let’s Finish!

Eighteen years ago, our community contributed $500,000 in just ten months to save our grand facility.  Thanks to your support, we have overcome decades of poverty, floods, great recessions, mudslides and pandemics.  We stand stronger —  more vibrant and valued than ever.  

As we celebrate our 120th anniversary, the Library & Music Hall turns once again to you — people who love libraries, theater, history, architecture, green space, Carnegie Borough and the Carnegie Carnegie.  We welcome foundations and corporations  join the challenge of  “Completing the Carnegie Carnegie.”     

But it’s time for us to finish the remarkable journey we began in 2003.  Together we will reach our destination – a fully Restored, Revitalized and Sustainable Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall.  

This last leg is a steep one, but we are so close.  

Please contact Maggie Forbes at 412-276-3456, x. 8 or with questions about memorial or honor gifts, pledges, ideas or just to check on our progress.