Transfer Cards

Espy Post Manuscript Collection

The Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) was a veterans organization formed in 1866. Membership consisted of honorably discharged Union soldiers, sailors and marines of the Civil War. This collection contains the biographical and military information on the members, business correspondence, and national and department encampments for the Captain Thomas Espy Post 153, Department of Pennsylvania. This page contains data from completed membership applications, transfer cards, and the adjutant’s report of deaths.

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Transfer Cards

All transfers are from within the Department of Pennsylvania unless otherwise noted. For a complete listing of known GAR posts in the United States, see the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War GAR Post Records Project index.


Alexander, David D.P., Post 89
Bell, Aaron, Post 126
Bell, John B., Post 126
Bickell John T. Post 56, Department of Indiana
Bickerstaff, E. (Elias) H., Post 207
Boyce, John M., Post 120
Boyce, William, Post 126
Boyer, Philip, Post 269
Briceland, Charles, Post 330
Campbell, David, Post 330
Cunningham, John E., Post 153
Dick, W. (William) J., Post 157
Feltenberger, John P., Post 44
Forsythe, George B., Post 101
Foster, Ward, Post 111
Gilson, Samuel S., Post 117
Gosline, James D., Post  102, Department of New Jersey
Grinage, Jonathan, Post 206
Harper, J.C., Post 330
Holland, John B., Post 3
Hope, William H., Post 88
Hyser, Christopher, Post 330
Kimberly, George, Post 330

Laufman, Albert O. (Oscar), Post 59

Lee, James, Post 330                        Espy Chairs
Litzenberg, William H., Post 276
Louderback, Morgan S., Post 101
Lyle, William K., Post 120
McIntosh, William, Post 199
Mallary, Joseph, Post 329
Morris, John, Post 330
Patton Leslie, Post 41
Phillips, James, (S.), Post 10
Potter, C.R., Post 330
Riley, James B., Post 215
Robb, James H. Post 137, Department of Ohio
Russell, William F., Post 330
Safford, James B., Post 13, Department of Indiana
Sage, Morris H., Post 65, Department of Nebraska
Schriber, Thomas,, Post 111
Snodgrass, John A., Post 81, Department of Ohio
Stauffer, Henry F., Post 330
Stiffler, Martin J., Post 3
Stockwell, John, Post 330
Trunick, Henry H., Post 138, Department of Ohio
Withington, A.(Absalom) W., Post 123