Honor Gifts

Whether for a birthday, marriage, graduation or other special occasion, supporters make gifts in honor of family and friends.

Gifts in Honor of a Person or Occasion

9th Pennsylvania Reserves, 2016
Marty Neaman

ACFL&MH Anniversary
Glenn Walsh*

Andrew Carnegie, Christmas 2020
Keith Douglas Will

Dolores Smith Barber
Sydelle Kessler

Robin Bateman on Mother’s Day 2009
Richard Bateman

Monica & Brandon Beale
On their Wedding Day, June 17, 2017

Kathleen & Lou Meyer

The Book Club of Cherry Hill
Patti Dellovade

Mildred Bosilevac
Len, Liz, Matt, Laura & Sarah Boselovic

Kenneth Bowman, 2015
9th Pennsylvania Reserves

Phil Boyd
Stan & Patti Hasselbusch

Chris and Christina Brussalis
Lois Wholey

Charmin Chiodo
Happy 80th, August 2019
Sandy & Lee Golomb

Joseph Contosta
Rose & Michael Kutsenkow, MD

Pat Coyle & Maria Barbiera
In Honor of their Marriage, June 2011
Marjorie Greenberger

Dana C. Craig
Joe & Jane Blattner

Albert James D’Alo
In Rembrance, 2016
Julie D’Alo

Edith J. Forbes
Maggie Forbes

Maggie Forbes, 2011
Richard & Deborah D’Loss
Sally Ford
Clare Goetz
Betsy Bell Martin
Bob & Valerie Moll
Sherry & Fred Niepp
Ron Parker
Lynn Pascoe & John Heiner
Janet Sharp

Maggie Forbes on her Birthday 2016
ACFL&MH Board of Trustees
Kathleen & Christopher Green

Maggie Forbes, Christmas 2017
Gail & Leon Harper

Maggie Forbes, 2018
Happy Birthday Gommy!
Ida and Tante Susie

Maggie Forbes, Christmas 2019
Jane & Larry Breck

Maggie Forbes, October 2021
Happy 70th!
Peggy Rutkauskas

Maggie Forbes
In Honor of her Vision and Leadership, November 2022
Gail Neustadt

Maggie Forbes
In honor of her retirement,  December 2023
Don Davis
Susie Forbes
Alice Forbes Spear & Derek Lowry
Georgienne & Jim Hein
Gail Neustadt
Marlynne Pitz & Mark Weitzman
Faith E. Raiguel
Peggy Rutkauskas
Caitlin Forbes Spear & Family
Stella Szafranski
Judy & Tom Thompson

Isabel Ford
In Honor of her Service to the ACFL&MH & Community
October 2018
Alan & Mary Beth Trivolino

Lynne Franks
In Honor of her Birthday, 2021
From Many Friends

Ann Funk’s Birthday
James & Sally Dawson

Charlie & Clare Goetz
Nancy Gannon

Clare Goetz
In Honor of a Milestone Birthday, June 2011
and in Thanksgiving for her beloved husband, Charlie
Maggie Forbes
Vince & Dee Gagetta
Dorothy J. Price

Marlee Gallagher
Welcome to the Carnegie Carnegie
Gail Neustadt

Clare Goetz
In Honor of her 90th Birthday, April 2021
Jane Eck
Maggie Forbes
Ann Fronduti
Nancy Gannon
Peggy Rutkauskas

Sandy Golomb
In Honor of her Birthday, August 2023
Bunny & Alan Schorr

Lee Golomb
In Honor of his Birthday, December 2023
Bunny & Alan Schorr

Chris Green
In Honor of his hard work on behalf the ACFL&MH, Christmas 2022
Gloria & Bob Roman

Chris Green
In Honor of his hard work on behalf of he ACFL&MH, Father’s Day 2023
Caitlin Green

Chris & Kathleen Green

In Honor of their ACFL&MH Board Service, Christmas 2020
Caitlin Green & Family

In honor of Chris & Kathleen Green

On their 50th Wedding Anniversary, October 2022
Winfield & Patricia Burns
Connie Deichler
Maggie Forbes
Bob Green
Caitlin Green & Family
Jason Green
Joseph Hall
Gary & Kathleen Handerhan
John Iaconis
Deana Jirak
Brian Lens
Calli & Anthony Mazzoni
Nancy Puleo
Bob & Gloria Roman
Ellen Romett
Megan Sigesmund & Family
Gene Smith
Andrea Stanford
Linda & Rich Trail

In Thanksgiving for Chris Hallam
Paul & Debra Hallam

Mike & Eleanor Handerhan
on their 50th Wedding Anniversary, January 2019
Gary & Kit Handerhan & Family

Loretta Sienicki Szafranski
On her 90th Birthday, November, 2022
Bonnie & Peter Dirkx
Sharyn Drollinger
Maggie Forbes
Janet & Bill Koehler
Donna & John Mitchell
Pamela Mosher
Barbara Ours
Ed & Marlene Sienicki
Richard Sienicki
Annette & Ron Stewart
Leonard J. Szafranski, Jr.
Stella Sienicki Szafranski & Family

Elizabeth & Michael Wheat
Larry Rubin

James J. White, III

In Remembrance, 2016
Marty Neaman

Georgienne Hein on her Birthday, February 2018
Ruth & Peggy Rutkauskas

Rose Kutsenkow
Mothers Day 2018
Ruth & Peggy Rutkausas

Rose & Michael Kutsenkow, MD
Sharon L. Hwilka
Richard Murray

Ana & Addie Lewis, Christmas, 2019
Denise “Aunt Niesey” Davis

Ana, Addie  & Sam Lewis, Christmas, 2020
Denise “Aunt Niesey” Davis

Ana, Addie & Sam Lewis, Christmas, 2021
Denise “Aunt Niesey” Davis
Virginia “Grandma” Davis

Bill Manby on his 84th Birthday
Kim & Tom Beggs
Leslie & Dave Cunningham
Georgia L. Manby
Jeff & Maria Manby

Bill Manby & the Chartiers Valley Partnership
Maggie Forbes
Rose Kutsenkow

Georgia Manby on her 80th Birthday
Ruth & Peggy Rutkausas

Bob & Dané Marshall
With Gratitude and Affection
Stage 62

Betsy Bell Martin on her 95th Birthday, 2020
Maggie Forbes
Isabel Ford
Chris & Kathy Green
John & Berenice Hooton
Anne & Vince Lackner
Marjorie O’Brien George & Stephen George
Sherry & “Pete” Niepp
Lynn Pascoe & John Heiner
Marty & Debbie Powell

Betsy Bell Martin, 2007
Rosanna & Ed Bogats
Wanda Clay
Polly & Frank Coyle
Helene & Bruce DalCanton
Bill & Darlene English
Dorothy Florence
Maggie Forbes & Stephen Spear
Isabel Ford
Ted & Barbara Frantz
Terri Gould & John Hamm
Christopher & Kathleen Green
Marjorie Greenberger
Ann & Blair Huddart
Patricia Prattis Jennings & Charles Johnson
Dorothy Kelly
John & Jeane Kish
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Kutsenkow
Jennifer Landau
Lorraine Laux
Mary Ellen Leigh
Bill & Georgia Manby
Andrew & Mary Ann Martin
Derek Martin
Peter & Kathleen Martin
Joanne McGarry
Marcella McGrogan
Pearl McNall, MD
Ron Moehler
Bob Moll
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Newman, Jr.
John O’Brien
Ron Parker
Lynn Pascoe & John Heiner
Martin & Deborah Powell
Diane Ragan
Roger & Kathleen Sembrat
Janet Sharp
Euphemia Steffey
Dick & Ginny Thornburgh

Betsy Martin’s 90th Birthday, October 2015
Marjorie Greenberger

Betsy Martin & Family, Year End 2017
Marjorie Greenberger

Joan Massella, December 2023
In Honor of her Board Service
Maggie Forbes
Debra & John Thompson

Marian Sienicki Mazur
on her 97th Birthday
Stella Sienicki Szafranski

Walter E. McMurray
In Remembrance on Father’s Day 2016
Ruth & Peggy Rutkauskas

Jean Shrader McKee, Christmas 2009
Elizabeth A. McKee

Valerie Gibbs Moll
On our 20th Wedding Anniversary
Bob Moll

Louis Morelli, Christmas 2014
Robert and Joanne Morelli Kuczinski

Louis Morelli, Christmas 2015
Robert and Joanne Morelli Kuczinski

Louis Morelli, Christmas 2016
Robert and Joanne Morelli Kuczinski

Rev. Robert F. Moskal on his 80th Birthday
Susan Kopko

Joe & Joni Negri
Judge & Mrs. Ruggero J. Aldisert

Gail Neustadt on her Birthday, 2017
Douglas Neustadt

Charles & Lorraine Novelli on their 50th Wedding Anniversary
Robert & Lucille Herman

Krista Peckyno Thompson
Pittsburgh Trust for Cultural Resources

Seth Pearlman
Sydelle Kessler

Trish Ratych Birthday, November 2021
Irene Sekelik

Peggy Rutkauskas
In Honor of a Milestone Birthday, March 2021
Mary Beth Abraham

Ruth Rutkauskas
Mother’s Day 2018
Peggy Rutkauskas

Ruth Rutkauskas
The Best Neighbor in the World
Bill & Graci Falkner

Ruth Rutkauskas, Christmas 2017
Mary Beth & Robert Abraham
Bill & Graci Falkner
Stacey & Bob McIntyre

Adrian “Aidy” Sciulli, on his birthday!
Marissa Luznar

Lorie Scrabis & Al Yaccino
In Celebration of their Wedding, August 7, 2021
Kit & Gary Handerhan

Lt. Commander Edward F. Sienicki
In honor of his Service to our Country
Stella Sienicki Szafranski

In Honor of  John & Emilia Sienicki’s
100th Anniversary in America (1911)

Loretta & Len Szafranski

Sarah Previte Sienicki
In Celebration of her 95th Birthday
August 2021
Maggie Forbes
Loretta & Len Szafranski
Stella & Ken Szafranski

Ted Sienicki
On his 95th Birthday,  2016
Stella & Ken Szafranski

Judith Boyle Stalder, on her Birthday, 2020
Stella & Ken Szafranski

Jacinta Synnott and Tim McDonald
In Honor of their Marriage, September, 2018
Phil & Cheryl Boyd

Stella Sienicki Szafranski
Christmas 2023

Gary, Jill & Evan Szafranski

Stella & Ken Szafranski
In Honor of Stella’s Birthday, May 2019
Janice Grudowski