Chartiers Valley Partnership Campaign (2003-2011)

Chartiers Valley Partnership (1998-2011)

Capital Campaign to Restore the Library & Music Hall

In the late 1990s, Carnegie native and Carnegie High School Class of 1951 graduate Bill Manby paid a visit to the Library & Music Hall with CHS classmate Bill English as well as good friends Charlie Goetz and Ted Frantz. They found that age, decades of entrenched poverty and egregious water damage threatened the ACFL&MH’s very existence. Dismayed by the vulnerable state of the ACFL&MH’s beautiful old building, the group agreed that rescuing building was a compelling cause to take on. A partnership was born: the Chartiers Valley Partnership (CVP).

The Partnership launched the capital campaign that raised more than $7.5 million and transformed the Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall from moribund to magical.

After years of diligent behind the scenes work, the CVP officially launched the capital campaign in November 2003 a $500,000 challenge grant from an anonymous donor. The terms: the CVP must raise a dollar for match in 10 months – from the community – no foundations no Pittsburgh Corporations, no government funding. If the community didn’t support its library, why should anyone else?

Carnegie (including people from around the country with ties to the borough) responded generously. Bolstered with leadership gifts from two other CHS class of 1951 alumni, John Leone and Bill Pysh, the campaign hit the boards running. With two weeks left before the September 30 deadline, the campaign was $45,000 short of its goal. Then on September 17, 2004, disaster struck; flooding caused by Hurricane Ivan ravaged Carnegie. In the face of an unequivocal tragedy, the community rallied and contributed an astonishing $60,000 to meet and exceed the goal.

The community’s generosity has taken on legendary stature; it is the cornerstone of the campaign’s success, the Library & Music Hall’s success to date.

The CVP went on to raise more than $7.5 million. The ACFL&MH’s lovely historic landmark facility is structurally sound, weatherproof and accessible. Plumbing is no longer lamentable. Music Hall audiences enjoy commodious and comfortable new seating. The Hall’s lobby is beautifully restored and equipped with a box office and concession room. Fabulous new dressing rooms welcome performers. In 2010 the ACFL&MH re-opened its national treasure of a Civil War room, the Captain Thomas Espy Post No. 153 of the Grand Army of the Republic, following a meticulous restoration. The Library itself is air conditioned, and the dark and dank gymnasium has been transformed into bright, versatile programming space.


In eight years the Chartiers Valley Partnership raised more than $7.5 million, money that ensures the Library & Music Hall’s second century of service as the vibrant and valued “beacon on the hill” not only for Carnegie and surrounding communities, but increasingly as a regional and national attraction. The CVP took stock, and decided its job is done. It formally dissolved at the end of 2011, turning over the responsibility for completing the ACFL&MH’s restoration to the Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall’s Board of Trustees. (For the full story on the Chartiers Valley Partnership and the work it did on behalf of the Library & Music Hall read the ACFL&MH Fall 2011 newsletter.)

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Gifts to the CVP Capital Campaign (2003-2011)

The following people contributed generously between 2003 and 2011 to the Chartiers Valley Partnership campaign to restore the ACFL& MH’s venerable facility. Those with an * contributed multiple times. The ACFL&MH extends heartfelt gratitude to the CVP and its myriad supporters.


Jackie Abel-Stavrapoulos*
Joan & Edward Adams*
Adventist Community Services
Judge & Mrs. Ruggero J. Aldisert*
Helen Aldisert*
Darrell Alfred*
Allegheny Foundation*
Bessie E. Allen*
All-Pak Inc.
Bob & Janice Amend
Donald & Rebecca Anderson*
Albert Andy*
Alfred Annesi*
Anonymous* (several different donors)
Lisa Arlott & Richard Mostowy
Arts & Heritage Festival of Carnegie*
Azzaro, Inc.

George & Kathleen Bado
Susan Banaszak-Catena
Dr. John & Dolores Smith Barber*
Nancy Barsotti
Philip Bartling*
Richard & Robin Bateman*
Joseph F. Battaglia
Bayer Foundation
Beaconsfield Financial Services*
David & Pamela Bechtol
Ruth & Karen Beck
William & Mary Helen Beck
Christopher Bedwell
Marguerite & John Beering*
Diane M. Beley*
Dr. & Mrs. Gerald S. Bell*
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph E. Beltz
Paul Benedum
Helen Sherwood Bennett
Brandon & Sylvia M. Bergstedt
Neuberger Berman
Janet M. Bernadine
Vashista & Mary Bhaskar*
Frederick Bigham*
Elizabeth Bittner*
Ann Lane Black
Dr. Harry & Rose Marie Black*
BNY Mellon
Rosanna B. and Edward W. Bogats*
Nadine Bognar*
Mary Lou Borst*
Wendy Bowes*
Ken & Jan Bowman*
Peg Bowman
Elizabeth M. Boyd*
Robert & Helen Boyda*
Ann Bracken
Braden & McSweeney Inc.
Carole Bradshaw
Jeananne Brandsberg
Herbert & Carol Brant
Raymond & Valerie Brendel*
Derek Breid
Mark & Vicky Brilmyer*
Joan Britten
Jim & Suzy Broadhurst
Martha & Michael Broderick
Daniel Broh-Kahn
Bob & Claire Bronder
Judge & Mrs. John G. Brosky*
A. L. Brourman. & Associates, Inc.
Craig & Janet Brown
David & Kimberly Brown*
Roger & Ann Brown
Roger & Lea Brown
William & Denise Brown*
Gilbert Bucci
Mary Jane Bucci
Catherine M. Budash
Buhl Foundation*
Buncher Family Foundation
Scott Burkett*
June Webb Burnett, Estate
Marsha & William Burnett*
Burstin, Burstin & Frantz
Robert & Louise Byer
Byham Charitable Foundation
Richard & Marie Byrne*

Caecilia Mannechor, Ladies Auxiliary*
Rose & Peter Caliguiri*
Marilyn J. Cameron*
Kaitlin & Brandan Cantley*
Owen Cantor
Capital Area Intermediate Unit
Frank & Grace Caputo*
Frank Natalie Cardiello*
Carlow University
Jim & Diane Carlson
Carlynton Federation of Teachers
Carnegie High School Class of 1957
Carnegie Masons
M.E. Castriota
Richard & Suzanne Cavanagh*
Certified Home Remodelers
Terri Chabala
Janet E. Chadwick
Walter & Pat Chapman*
Charles Goetz Family Foundation
Raymond A. Charley*
Betty M. Chidlow
John H. & Lucia Childs
Chromalox Inc.
The Chuck Foley Memorial Foundation
Dr. Robert & Anita Cicco
Diane & John Cima*
Citizens Bank
Richard Clark
Gerry & Kay Downey Clarke Clarke*
Classic Tree Service*
Victor & Wanda Clay*
Wanda Forsythe Clay*
Cloverleaf Estates West Association
Lynne & Bill Cochran*
Community Development Block Grant*
Grace Compton*
Concerned Citizens of Carnegie
Joseph & Jeanne Conrad*
Barb & John Conroy
William H. Corba*
Susan & Thomas Corbett
Joyce & David Corkery*
Joyce E. Costa*
Dana & Susan Craig*
Nancy Crane
Dr. Samuel & Andrea Cross, Jr.*
Michael Cross*
Terrence & Marianne Cummings*
Mike & Susan Cunningham
Coury Financial Services

Mary Elle Dahlkemper & Edward Lesser
Ann & Martin Davis
Charlotte M. & William A. Davis*
Douglas & Constance Davis*
Susan & Bryan Davis
James & Sally Dawson*
John Defonso
James V. Denova
Department of Community & Economic Development, PA
Frank DeLuca & Gloria Cadwallader
Design Alliance Architects*
Linda Dickerson
Dickie, McCamey & Chilcote, P.C.
Jessica DiDomenicus
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph C. D’Imperio
Richard & Deborah D’Loss*
Nellie Docherty*
Robert & Laura Donaldson*
Mary C. Dottavio
William A Driscoll
Ruth S. Duffy
James & Irene Duncan
Ed Dorkalski*

Eagle Drug
Easley & Rivers, Inc.
Eden Hall Foundation
Elizabeth R. Edwards
Dennis Egan
Steven M. Eigen
Donald Elliot
Susan Ann Engelmeier*
Bill & Darlene English*
Jeffrey L. & Francesmary Modugno Eppinger*
William Evans
F. Eugene Ewing, DDS*

Anita Fabert
Joseph & Charlotte Fairweather
Vivian R. Falleroni
Jean D. & Sigo Falk*
Jean D. & Sigo Falk
Katherine & David Fassinger*
Dr. Toni Fera*
Richard E. Ferri*
Fidelity Bank
Italian Sons & Daughters of America Fidelity Lodge #47
Patti Findley Patterson
Elizabeth & Albert Fiorentini
Lily C. Fiori
Robert M. Firth*
Ruth W. Fischer*
Christine Fischione
Joseph & Cherry Flamm
Leslie A. Fleischner
Gina Fleitman
Edric & Joyce Florence*
Edith J. Forbes*
Margaret J. Forbes*
Susan J. Forbes*
Isabel Ford*
Michael J. Ford
Sarah Ford*
Susan & Thomas Ford
Sue Formosa
Tod & Kelly Forquer
William & Linda Forster
Ruth Forsyth & Jim Denvir
Fox Rothchild LLP
Joseph & Cindy Franc
Gary & Jane Frantz*
James T. Frantz
Ted & Barbara Frantz*
J. Peter & Wendy R. Freed
Fraternal Order of Eagles
Christine & Lanny Frattare
John & Michelle Frego*
Vera Freshwater
Friendship Village of South Hills
Robert & Ann Fronduti*
Frank B. Fuhrer, Jr.

Eugene Gallagher
James D. & Catherine M. Garraux
Elaine Geiser*
Pearl Gerber
Leonard & Mildred Gerlowksi
William & Janet Getty
Clare Goetz
Giant Eagle Inc.
Rose Giarrusso
Cheryl A. Gibson
Geoffrey & Josie Gibson*
Kenneth Glen*
Cynthia & Ronald Gmitter
Charlie & Clare Goetz*
Carol Goldbach
Robert J. Gorny
Bob & Shirley Gordon*
Gordon Terminal Service*
Timothy & Jennifer Gordon*
Tucker and Katie Gordon*
Robert J. Gorny & Nancy Volk*
Terri Gould & John Hamm*
Paul F. Grabowski*
Salvatore J. Grande
Bernard & Margaret Grandjaques*
Eugenia Graser*
Christopher & Kathleen Green*
Richard Green
Debra Grimes
Edward Grimes
Greentree Gulf
Timothy B. & Debra Grimes
Vincent and Mary Grogan*

William Haluszczak
Michael & Jodi Hanczar*
Tim & Shelley Hanczar
Michael Hanna*
Ethel O. Hansen
Metro Haritan, Jr.*
Andrea Harkins
Daniel & Andrea Harkins*
Harris Masonry Inc
Antriece & Delsean Hart
Jean M. Hartwick
Therese A. Hastings
Barbara Haudenshield
George K. Haudenshield, DDS
Jack & Marie Hays*
Heat Exchange & Transfer
Heinz Endowments
Bill & Francelle Herleman*
Martin Herman*
Robert Herman*
Clara Herron*
Cindia & David Hewitt*
The Hillman Company*
The Hillman Foundation
Jeffrey & Patricia Hinds*
Joseph & Susan Hnath*
Mary Hof*
Susan & Louis Holzer
Vladimer, Blanche & George Homa*
Richard O. Hommel
George & Angela Honchar*
Daniel & Marsha Hood
John & Berenice Hooton*
James & Geraldine Howe
Blair & Ann Huddart*
Robert & Justine Hudson*
Hunt Foundation
Adrienne Hunter*
Sharon L. Hwilka

Cindy Iannarelli, Ph.D
Informing Design, Inc.*
John Ingham*
Institute of Museum & Library Services*
Iron & Glass Bancorp

Fred A. Jackson*
Phyllis Janocha
Patricia Prattis Jennings & Charlie Johnston *
John R. McCune Charitable Trust
Beth & Christopher Johnson
Thelma Double Johnson
Barbara B. Johnston*
Consuelo A. Jones
Joy Jones
Kristine & Dennis Jones
Joseph T. Joseph
Dennis R. Joyce*

Susan Kachnycz*
Augusta Kairys*
Kenneth H. Kantrowitz
Dr. Theodore M. Katz*
Charles E. Kaufman*
Karen V. Kearney
Robert & Linda Kelley*
Dorothy Kelly*
Arthur John Kerr Jr. & Virginia Byerly Kerr
Keystone Commonwealth Libraries*
John & Jeane Kish*
Stan & Mary Ann Kiska
Rita Kizik*
William & Patricia Klima
Matthew Kluk
James W. Knepper*
John Knepper
Knepper Press*
Knights of Columbus, Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish
Edward Kocher*
Robert R. Kollar, Jr.*
Edward & Janice Kolo
Ann C. Korpiel
Nina M. Kovanis*
Ronald & Carol Kozel*
Bernard & Carolee Krasneski
Carol Krasneski*
Shirley Krasousky*
Jasmine Kurjakovic
Partricia Kurtz
Michael & Rose Kutsenkow*

Vincent & Anne Lackner
Laffey & Associates*
Louise Lamar-Fuller
Albert & Laverne Lami
Landau Building Company*
Kenneth A. Lasota & Rebecca A. Stanhope
Frank & Deborah Latella
Jennifer P. Landau
Florence Lasota
Kenneth A. Lasota, Ph.D & Rebecca Stanohope, Ed.D.*
Laurel Foundation*
Nick and Lorraine Laux*
Lorraine Laux*
Barbara Leary
Ruth B. Lee
Jodi Leipold-Mostel
Phyllis-Lynne Leithauser
Jeffrey Lemley
Nicholas J. Lemmo
Bonney Forge Leone & John Leone*
Peter Leone, Jr.
Phyllis-Lynne Leithauser
Jim and Katie Leyland*
Jessica Lightstone*
Charles & Jane Little
Robert & Barbara Logan
Betty L. Looksho*
Stanley Lore*
Richard P. Lornier
Amy & Dean Losego
Arthur & Celeste Losego*
Daniel & Claudia Losego*
John Lowe, M.D.
Helen Lucatorto
Joseph Manion Ludwig
John R. Luke
Thomas W. Lusk
Mary J. Lynch
John E. Lyncheski

James & Lee MacManus
Jean I. Magazzu
William L. Magee
Maloney Communications
Jim & Ollie Maloney*
Mary Malysko
Marion Zbalishen Maola*
Bill & Georgia Manby*
Mansfield 5*
Rocco Manzo*
Kenneth & Jeanette Marino
Charles & Joan Marstiller
Andrew & Mary Ann Martin
Betsy Bell Martin*
Therese A. Martin
Mary De Winter Fund, Pittsburgh History & Landmarks*
Mary Hillman Jennings Foundation
Mary Kay Beauty Salon
Joann & Carl Masi
Jacie & Christian Maslyk
Massey Charitable Trust*
Adrienne E. Masucci
Irma Mastre
Adrienne Aldisert Masucci*
Tom and Judy Mattei
Nancy Mattesi*
Joseph & Barbara Matrosky
Lidia Matwey*
Patricia Matwiczyk
August and Janice Mauti*
Mary Jo & Edward Maximovich
Patrick & Julia McCaffrey*
Dorothy McAleese
John and Donna McCarthy*
Diane & Leland M. McCauley,II
Roger McIntyre & Family
Dr. & Mrs. Edward J. McClain, Jr.*
David & Carol McClenahan
Amy McCormick
Charles McConaghy*
Loretta A. McCoy
Lois J. McCurrio
Stephen & Susan McGalla*
Joanne McGarry*
Eugene & Carol McGrevin*
Marcella McGrogan*
Elizabeth A. McKee*
Susan J. McKee
Charles B. McKelvey
Mark McKenna
Joseph F. McLaughlin
Edward J. McLean*
James R. McManus*
Charles E. McMichael, Jr.
Pearl McNall, MD*
Helen M. McNamara*
Tom and Ming Medwig*
Warren & Barbara Meinen
Ray & Sue Melcher
Mellon Financial Corporation Fund
John T, Mendenhall, Jr., DMD*
Merck Company Foundation
John F. Messinger
Beth Meyer
Bob Meyer
Karl & Rachel Meyers
Catherine Mihalik
Joanna Mihalik
John & Joanne Millard
John R. Miller, Jr.
Betty Lou Millikin*
Francis & Barbara Milton
Barbara Mistick
Betty Mittner*
Ron & Diane Moehler*
Bob & Valerie Moll*
Aubrey Mondi
Richard Monahan
Nora C. Monte
Steven & Rosanne Moore*
Ed & Deb Moretti*
Marino, Michael, Ed and Deborah, Lisa, and Tom Moretti
Raymond Moretti
Thelma & Greg Morris
Tom & Sandy Moses
Michael & Andrea Mosites
James J. Mraz
Mt. Lebanon Floral
Mt. Lebanon Office Equipment*
Elmer Mulholland
Richard J Murray, Sr.*
Sam & Estelle Musico*
Estelle Musico*
Mildred & John Musiol*
Vivian Myers*

John & Frances Nalipinski*
Nan & Ed Napoleon*
Napor Family
Evelyn Naughton*
Joe & Joni Negri
Arthur & Emily Nendza*
Marjorie & Harry Nestler
Samuel & Janice Newbury
Bernard & Nancy Newman, Jr.
Sherry & Fred Niepp
Nina Baldwin Fisher Foundation
Ninth Pennsylvania Reserves*
Clarence & Linda Nixon, Jr.*
Homer & Virginia Nixon*
Kathleen & Mercedes Norcie*
Northwest Savings Bank*
Charles & Lorraine Novelli
Marion Nowak*

Robert & Martha Oakley
Marjorie O’Brien & Stephen George*
Raymond & Lori O’Brien
Patrick O’Donnell*
Ken & Adrian Opalanka
Catherine S. Opaska*
Theresa Oranges
Cynthia Osman
Mr.& Mrs. Harry Ostaffe

Paddy’s Pour House
Mary Ann Paff
Thomas & Jane Palastro
Donna M. Panazzi
Betty Parilla
Ron Parker*
Jim and Patty Pascoe
Lynn Pascoe & John F. Heiner*
Eleanor Patross
Mary & Christa Patterson
John & Rosemary Pawlik*
PC Guage Cal/RPR Co.*
Robert J. & Linda Proulx Peluso
Drake and Diane Pendleton
Maureen Smith Pendleton
Pennsylvania American Water
Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commision*
Charles & Vera Percy*
Mary Perez Lopez
Perlow Family Foundation
PermaGreen Lawn Care Co.
Marcella Perpetua*
Thomas W. Perpetua
Mrs. Elizabeth Perry
Martha J. Perry*
Petroleum Pipe & Supply Co.*
Petromax, Ltd.
Leslie Petrone
Mary Peyton*
Bob & Carol Pfaff*
Pfizer Foundation*
Kay Phanse, M.D. & Ken Simpson
Zora Phillips*
Anne & Jim Picone*
John Pitrone*
Patricia & Angelo Pittore
Pittsburgh Cut Flowers
Pittsburgh Design Services
Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation*
Alvan & Anna Plymier
PNC Carnegie Branch*
PNC Financial Services Group
PNC Foundation*
Robert J. Pohl*
Polish White Eagles of Carnegie*
Robert Podriguel
Mary Popeck
Martin & Deborah Powell*
PPG Industries Foundation*
Stephen & Susan Prevoznak*
Fran & Sue Prezioso
Leonard & Dorothy Price
Douglas & Rebecca Price Price
Chuck *
Malcolm Prine*
Pritchard Family
Property Development Associates, Ltd.
Gertrude E. Pruss*
Shirley J. Pruss*
Puhlman Flower Shoppe*
Wasyl A. Pysh*

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Queenan, Jr.*
Rev. Scott & Vera Quinn

Barbara Radaker
E.D. Radasky, M.D.*
Josephine Raffaele
Diane Ragan
Dee Rager*
Mike & Mary Rago
Norma & Richard Raiff*
David & Jacquelin Randour*
Deborah M. Ratajack
Mary J. Ratajack
Readshaw for Legislator
David Reale*
Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program*
Margaret Reed*
Donald H. Remy
Dr. & Mrs. C.S. Reshmi
Michael & Linda Restall*
Robert & Bonnie Reynolds*
Richard King Mellon Foundation
Dick Ridgway*
Right Electric
Patrick R. Riley
Carol Cusick Riley*
Cynthia & Jerome Richey
David and Michele Robb *
Leslie Blair & Wes Roberts
Pauline Rogerson
Anella and Joseph Rogowski
Yaropolk & Sonia Rohowsky
The Rohrbach Family
Karyn Ashley Rok
Edward & Faith Roolf, Jr.*
Andrew & Heather Roman*
Mary C. Rose
Rotary Club of Carnegie*
Stanley Roth*
Rudd Equipment Company
Marsha Ruddy*
Emil & Betsy Ruderfer
Leo Russell*
Ruth & Peggy Rutkauskas Family*
Peggy Rutkauskas*
Ruth Rutkauskas*
Virginia Rye

Faith Lee N. Saber
Philip Salavato
Aggie Sanker*
Richard & Nancy Santucci*
Dolores Saporito
Larry & Janet Sargert*
Mike Sarsfield
Anthony W. Saveikis
Leonard A. & Mary Jane Schafer Foundation
Dominic & Mary Schepis*
Jesse Schell*
Jennifer & Joseph Scherrbaum*
Joseph J. Schiavi
Patty & Rob Schirripa*
Martin & Harriet Schneider
Lawrence & Barbara Schnurr*
Floyd W. Schuchert
Robert & Rosemarie Schuler*
Gretchen Schulert
Cynthia & Charles Schultz*
William & Betty Scott
Kathleen & Roger Sembrat*
Joseph & Albina Senko*
Judy Serra
Laura & Mark Sewell*
Jeanne Seybold
James & Jane Shepard
Annette Shimer
Dr. John & Josephine Shively*
Judy & Jay Shock*
R. P. Family Foundation Simmons
Elaine Simms
Ray Skirsky
Fred Smallhoover*
Alice & Donald Smith*
Christine Smith
Edmund Smith
Mark Smith & Kyle Tomer*
Harry J. Smith
Yolanda J. Smola*
William Snyder
Mary M. Somerton*
Milan & Sylvia Spanovich*
Clara Marie Spatafore*
David J. Spinda*
Cecile & Eric Springer
Dr. & Mrs. J. Matthew Stacy, Jr.*
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Stalder*
Station Capital Management
Maureen Staley
Leo and Joanne Stefano*
Carol M. Stein
Jeff & Linda Stengel
Robin Stevenson
Louise Stewart*
James & Janice Evans Stoner
Renee Storc*
Jarmo & Kim Sulkava
Perry & Marcia Swanson*
Margaret Sweetall*
Matt & Sam Swider
Margaret Swiech
Ken Szafranski
Len & Loretta Szafranski*
Stella Szafranski
Wayne & Judith Szafranski*

The Hon & Mrs. Patrick Tamilia*
Steve Tassaro
James W. Taylor, Jr.*
Robert L. Taylor*
Robert W. Taylor*
TEDCO Construction Corporation*
Doris Testa
Betsy & Tom Teti
The William & Frances Aloe Charitable Foundation*
Thomas & Mary Theobald
Paul E. Thomas*
Susan Thompkins
Judy Thompson & Tom Thompson*
Sylvia J. Thompson
Thronburgh Community Club
Dick & Ginny Thornburgh*
Leonard Tiberio*
Roy L. and Carolyn Titchworth, M.D.
Kyle Tomer
Camille Toth
Mary Trageser
Herman & Nancy Travers
Thomas & Kathryn Trebilcock*
Michael Trick & Ilona Weyers
Paul Trimmer*
Carl Trosch*
Vera M. Truxell
Graham Turnbull*
James Turnbull*

Ruth Evans Uffelman*
R. Scott & Karne Ullman
Union Electric Steel Corporation*
Mary Jane Upcraft
Raymond J. Urbanik

Joanne Vandenhengel
Vance Wright Adams*
Veterans of Foreign Wars, A. J. Klinger Post
Vision Business Products
Timothy & Nancy Volk*
Jerry & Jane Voros

Robert & Rita Wade
Glenn A. Walsh*
Helen K. Walther*
Washington Penn Plastic Co. Inc.
John C. Way, Jr.
Wee Care Children’s Center
William G. Wegener*
Alberta W. Weikel
Alice M. Weiss*
Dr. Joanne Bevilacqua Weiss*
Nancy J. Weller
John S. Wendt, III
Bill & Marilyn Wengryn
Mike Wengryn
Carolyn & Richard Westerhoff*
Christine M. Whalen
David & Christine Whalen
Michael & Elizabeth Wheat*
Wilma White*
Lois Wholey*
Mrs. Lois M. Wholey
Dr. Mark and Roseanne Wholey
Robert Wholey & Co. Inc.
Mina Belle Packer Wichmann
Jason Wilburn
Keith D. Will
William Slater Funeral Service
David M. Williamson*
Ethel Y. Williamson*
Sandra & Charles Williamson
Arba & Betty Williamson, Jr.*
Jean Marie Wilt*
Larry & Cindy Wind*
Philip Wion
Todd Winter & Tiffany Merovich-Winter*
Clyde & Carmie Woods*
Dennis & Joan Wrona*

Janice Z. Zahurak
Alex Zanon
Marilyn Zawoyski*
Michael Zawoyski*
Gregory & Rosemary Zbezinski*
Zuks Autobody*
Frank & Rosemary Zuk*