Saturday Soirées Halfway Mark!

Time travel was not mentioned on the ticket for the second performance in our Saturday Soirees Series. But that’s what happened.  

During her show, Daina Griffith walked the audience through her growing up years and the music that impacted it. She bounced between songs and stories to explain how she developed a love for the “Leading Ladies of Yesteryear.” Except she does not just have an appreciation for those ladies, she also has a dedication to their music.  

Griffith’s ability to entertain was never in question. She was energetic throughout the show; eager to share her favorites with the sold-out audience. Her renditions of Judy Garland and Rosemary Clooney classics were personal and powerful. When Griffith explained that one of her teachers called her a “leading lady with (the) weird guts of a character actress,” the audience laughed but was also able to see that part of that was true. Throughout the night, Griffith was never just singing. Her facial expressions, outfit changes, storytelling, acting and singing (and maybe there’s some weird guts too?) combined in a satisfyingly entertaining way. The performance was a bit like a musical, with Griffith showing off each of her abilities and the way they can combine to create one great show. Plus, the stories she shared too the audience on a little adventure through her life.  

Her pianist, Deana “Diva Keys” Muro, explained her nickname without using words. She passionately accompanied Griffith, even providing background music for the transitions. Her time really came at the last song of the night, a duet between both performers, “Happy Days Are Here Again” with Muro singing Barbara Streisand’s part and Griffith doing Garland’s. It was beautiful and both singers made it look effortless. 

They finished on a high note, both literally and figuratively, leaving the audience no choice but to give them a standing ovation.  

We are officially halfway through our Saturday Soirees Series! That said, it is not too late to purchase a subscription or individual tickets. There are two more performances for the year. For more information check our website,, or contact Music Hall Director, Heidi Matthews at 412-276-3456 x6.