Thank You & Farewell to Miss JoLynne

The Library’s beloved “Miss JoLynne” is leaving the Carnegie Carnegie for a new position. JoLynne Dougherty’s departure may be the epitome of “bittersweet. We are happy that a wonderful opportunity with Carlynton School District has opened up for her. But all of us who have “Shaken our Sillies Out” with Miss JoLynne are a little bit bereft as well.

Not surprisingly, her youngest fans sum it up best. Samuel calls the ACFL&MH “Miss JoLynne’s Library.” Eliot, who made a special trip with her mother and little brother to deliver a bouquet of flowers put an optimistic face on it. “I’ll see Miss JoLynne when I go to kindergarten!”

Trained as a music therapist at Duquesne University, JoLynne has a magic that is all her own. Her stories, her songs, her creativity, her warmth, her enthusiasm, her curiosity and her kindness make her a poster child for advancing the ACFL&MH’s mission of community-building and lifelong learning.

As Eliot said, the silver lining is that JoLynne will remain a committed partner in education between the Library and its school district.

And she promises to return for special return story times. With her popularity, we may have to put Miss JoLynne in the Music Hall!

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