The Sisters (Richard Alfieri’s modern adaptation of Chekhov’s Three Sisters)

Cup-A-Jo Productions

The Sisters is a re-imagining of Chekov’s classic Three Sisters. The story of these three sisters and the way they are forced to face themselves in the wake of their father’s death speaks to how we all seek to reconcile our pasts with our futures. By moving the action of the play from a provincial town in Russia during the early 1900′s to a more recent past the play becomes a much more visceral and confrontational drama full of pop-psychology and family woes. This production is set to take place in a historic library as an homage to Chekov and in an effort to use an unconventional space to immerse audiences in a more satisfying mash-up of old and new aesthetic and ideas that is emblematic of the play itself.

Thursday-Saturday, January 7-9 and 14-16

Cup-A-Jo  Productions seeks to function as a collaboration of Pittsburgh artists working through different mediums to explore the boundaries of theatre, creating a more visceral experience for its audience.