Are you looking for a special way to honor the memory of a dear one, or to make an anniversary, birthday, graduation, birth, or other event more meaningful? Consider a contribution to Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall through its Honor and Memorial Book Fund.

Gifts in any amount are welcome and with each gift a special acknowledgement letter will be sent to whomever you designate.

If you wish to establish a book memorial with a gift of $25 or more, a plaque will be placed in a new book with the name of the honored person and the donor’s name. You, the donor, may suggest the subject matter. The books will be selected and purchased by the library.

If you are unable to come to the library to pick up a form, you may print out the form using this link and return it by mail to us. For further questions, contact Nate Wyrick, Assistant Library Director (412) 276-3456, x 5.

Honor and Memorial Book Fund Donors


Madea Bartlett
Anne Picone

Lydia Blankenship
Audrey & Frank Wadsworth

Elizabeth Boyd
Marilyn Cameron

Robert “Ryan” Bray

Jennifer M. Cantley
The Cantley Family

Cherry Hill Drive Book Club
Patti Dellovade

Sally Parrish Ford

John Heiner
Pete & Marilyn Townsend

Frances M. Hrubovcak
Leslie Barbour & Pam Lindsay

Anny Hughes
Donna & John McCarthy JR

Helene Long
Donna & John McCarthy

Andrew Martin

Gerald A. “Jerry” Peconi
Anne Picone

Elizabeth Moretti Persiani
Evelyn McGovern

James & Lois Roman
Christopher & Kathleen Green

Sam Rubino
Ken & Janet Sharp

Mason Alexandra Sohn

Ronald Temple
Anne Picone

Josephine Vetter
Ken & Janet Sharp
Jack Looser

Andy Warholak JR
Marcia Warholak

Mary Rose Yarowenko
Annette & Ron Stewart


Janice & Kathleen Bowman
Ken Bowman

Helene DalCanton
Janet & Ken Sharp

Nina Kovanis
James Kovanis

Mary McCann
Robert & Terry Chesky
Janet Sharp
Faye & Marty Cohen

William McFarland
Helen Banyas

Bill Norcik
The LaSota Family

Wayne “Chance” Oleksa
Madeline Oleksa

Dennis & Carolynn Oliver
Brian, Darcie & Clayton Lantz

Jim Picone
The Nevillewood Book Club

James and Lois Roman
Library Stack of Books.jpg

Christopher & Kathleen Green

Arlie Fay Sharp
Ken and Janet Sharp

Rosemary Monroe Stooksberry
Mike & Lynn Maguire

Glen Supinsky
The Falkowski Family

James White
Brenda White

Dorothy J. Younkins
Janet Kanaskie

Ted Zyzak
Ronald & Annette Stewart



Ruggero J. Aldisert
Maggie Forbes

Jan Bowman
Isabel J. Ford

Harry Carroll
Patricia Carroll

Francis Greco
Anthony Greco

Anne Elizabeth Handerhan
Adele Lynn

Nina Kennedy

Jack Manby
William Manby

Margaret C. Musico Manion
Mark & Diane Spezza

Kevin Manning
Fred & Linda Majewicz

Margaret Marion
Margaret Spezza

Mary McCann
William & Mary Ann Beerman
Corners Beer Distributor
Kenneth & Mary Ann Kich

Wayne Oleksa
Denise Capurso

Anne Polk
Helene DalCanton

Anne Polk
Janet Sharp

Anne Polk

Patricia Ratych

James & Lowis Roman
Christopher & Kathleen Green

Alice Tafelski
Ronald & Annette Stewart

Camillo A. Zarroli
Eve Peduto

Ida Elizabeth Anderson
Maggie Forbes

Judy Astfalk by
Judy Yurchak FamilyMm Books

Rachel Ayoub
Helene DalCanton

Jack and Betts
Zinkand Janet & Ken Sharp

Harry Carroll
Robert & Adele Greek

Ruth Charles
Charles Family

Carol Covi
Cheryl Covi

Marilyn Dorn
Dolores & Patricia Nelson

Frances A. Herleman
Justine Hvostal

Dorothy Koehler
Willard Koehler

David Les LaSota
Sharlene Romain

Warren LaSota
Donald LaSota Family

Willie Lione
Bill Manby

Kevin Manning
Fred & Linda Majewicz

Robert Mauti
Janice & Augie Mauti

Ella Mae McMurray
Kathy & Chuck Zinski and Family
Ruth & Peggy Rutkauskas

Louis Morelli
Joanne Kuczinski

Estelle Musico
Susan M. Barton

Jean-Marie Wilt
Sharlene Romain &Family

James & Lois Roman
Christopher & Kathleen Green

Dolores “Dee” Urbank
Tiffany Merovich-Winter

Jack & Betts Zinkand
Janet & Ken Sharp

Isadore L. Valenti
Annette & Ron Stewart